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Marketing strategist

Social media manager

PPC marketing specialist

SEO specialist


UX/UI designer

An online marketing strategist has the map that leads to success when it comes to online space, which includes the best tools and platforms, and also the social media strategy and content strategy.

Based on the strategy, the social media manager will manage your company's social media profiles (such as Facebook or Instagram), builds your follower base and keeps in touch with your followers.

The Pay per click marketing specialist is responsible for click-based, that is, clearly performance-based marketing to reach the most valuable customers and increase the number of visitors on your sites.

Search engine optimisation includes strategies and techniques which makes your business visible in the online space.

Effective online marketing is based on a well-functioning website that your customers are happy to visit.

It is not enough for a website to be aesthetically pleasing, it also has to be user-friendly. Don’t let your customers leave your site before they could learn about your products or services. Contact our UX and UI designers to get the most out of your online marketing budget.

Your brand’s tone of voice is like a personality in the online space. Text draws attention and keeps customers engaged. Good copy not only brings more customers, but also builds a brand.

In competitive markets, design can make all the difference. Our graphic designers can make your product or service stand out from the crowd.

Managing all the professionals working on your project, meeting deadlines, problem solving, high-quality communication and reporting. Sounds good? Tell us what your goal is and an experienced project manager will guide you through the path to success.

UX/UI designer


Graphic designer

Project manager

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Bogi Biacsics

Project Manager

It’s important for me to do everything with my personal involvement, and if I do something, I give 100%.

Fanny Szabó

Project Manager

I always have to see the big picture beacuse I am real problem solver, and with this, the half of the project is already done.

Boglárka Ispán

Project Manager

Give me a brief and I will bring it to life.

Olivér Nyáry


Tetris has taught me that if you try to fit in, you’ll only disappear.

Brigitta Puskás


My goal is to help companies through the power of digital marketing. Completely tailored to your needs.

Róbert Kormoczi


“It is possible for ordinary things to become extraordinary. You just need to take the first step for the journey to begin... or let us help you do it for you.”

Orsi Mórádi

Project Manager

I love looking for the new, the unknown and the process of finding a solution. If I can do all this together with nice people, it’s already a pleasure to me.

Julia Balazs

Project Manager

Communication must not only serve business interests but has to bring value as well.

Anett Illés


Passionate about digital marketing, environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Fruzsi Nagy


"Cut me and I bleed content"

Bence Galló


An original idea always shines for itself. Copywriting without Ctrl + V.

Krisztina Mihu


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

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"When the pandemic situation has arrived, we realized that not just our customers, but almost everyone stopped spending. We were in a tough situation when we found Briefly. It soon became clear to us that the company was working infinitely flexibly, they found amazing freelance professionals with whom we worked very smoothly throughout. We approached them because we knew that beyond one point, our expertise was not enough to get new customers, and we realized that our business can only operate professionally if we knew our limits and left other tasks to professionals. :)"
Szekeres Szofió, Alapító, Szofi Karikatúra

Szofi Szekeres

Founder, Szofi Karikatúra
"Briefly’s response to my recruitment needs was quick, efficient and personalized. I sent them a brief, and they came back to me with two high-quality freelancers in just a few days – one of whom I ended up hiring. A perfect experience for an early stage business like mine."
Várdy Zoltán, Alapító és Ügyvezető,

Zoltan Vardy

Founder & CEO, The Launch Code
"In addition to our service, which has been operating for 2 years, we introduced a new service replying to the pandemic situation, in which Briefly provided great help. After a very short consultation, the Briefly team had a full understanding of our complex business model, saving us a lot of time right at the start of the project. During the implementation of the project, we received accurate plans with KPIs. What I can highlight is the creative and constructive attitude of the Briefly team to the project and the continuous communication from the beginning of our cooperation. In addition, they support the projects with a user friendly, transparent platform. I really recommend them to startups and SMEs!"
Tüske Tamás, Alapító, ViddL

Tamás Tüske

CEO, ViddL