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Work with pre-screened freelancers Work with pre-screened freelancers

already vetted for your projects

Build your online talent pool Build your online talent pool

and integrate them into your team quickly

Track the profitability of your projects Track the profitability of your projects

and your teams' capacity real-time

What makes us
worth your time

Safely the best Safely the best

Briefly Managers are carefully chosen and trained by us, for you. They are freelancers as well, and we would trust them with our own brand.

You do the fun part You do the fun part

With more than 700 freelancers in our talent pool, we’re sure to find the best match for your project. You will only need to check on the progress and give it the final approval.

Nothing to hide Nothing to hide

A shared platform, where there is no room for hidden fees. Our offer is just simply what it is.

What can we
get you?

  • Brand identity design

    Brand identity design

    If you're taking the first steps in creating your brand image or you think it needs a face lift.

  • Marketing strategy

    Marketing strategy

    It's time to think big and ahead. Strategy is hard to create, so let the pros handle it.

  • Social media campaigns

    Social media campaigns

    Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, you name it. Your audience is using them, so make yourself known!

  • SEO and PPC campaigns

    SEO and PPC campaigns

    Sounds tricky, and it is. Let the numbers talk, let science do it's work. And let us do it for you.

  • Website development

    Website development

    You like our website? Let us make one for you too!

  • And the list goes on..

    Every project is unique. Let us know what you have in mind, and we will build your team to your needs.

    Speak your mind

Let’s talk numbers

  • Project fee

    Project fee

    • Your project fee is made up by the offers of our freelancers. It’s just that simple.
  • Protection


    • The project fee arrives to the freelancers only when you say: Job well done!
  • Pay as you go

    Pay as you go

    • Let’s do baby steps. Our deal is for the project only. No need to worry about monthly fees.
  • Our choices are based on

    Our choices are based on

    • Industry experience.
    • Value for money.
    • And chemistry of course!
  • What does Briefly give you?

    What does Briefly give you?

    • Takes care of all your paperwork.
    • A quality assurance process.
    • Easy access to the A-list freelancers.
  • Mit kér tőled a Briefly?

    What does Briefly ask of you?

    • Just a brief really, nothing more.
    Let’s do this

Ask them if you want,
we already did!

  • Tamás

    CEO, ViddL

    In addition to our service, which has been operating for 2 years, we introduced a new service replying to the pandemic situation, in which Briefly provided great help. After a very short consultation, the Briefly team had a full understanding of our complex business model, saving us a lot of time right at the start of the project. During the implementation of the project, we received accurate plans with KPIs. What I can highlight is the creative and constructive attitude of the Briefly team to the project and the continuous communication from the beginning of our cooperation. In addition, they support the projects with a user friendly, transparent platform. I really recommend them to startups and SMEs!

  • Szofi

    Founder, Szofi Karikatúra

    When the pandemic situation has arrived, we realized that not just our customers, but almost everyone stopped spending. We were in a tough situation when we found Briefly. It soon became clear to us that the company was working infinitely flexibly, they found amazing freelance professionals with whom we worked very smoothly throughout. We approached them because we knew that beyond one point, our expertise was not enough to get new customers, and we realized that our business can only operate professionally if we knew our limits and left other tasks to professionals. :)

  • Zoltán

    Founder & CEO, The Launch Code

    Briefly’s response to my recruitment needs was quick, efficient and personalized. I sent them a brief, and they came back to me with two high-quality freelancers in just a few days – one of whom I ended up hiring. A perfect experience for an early stage business like mine.

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